Serial-Pooping Fox Can’t Stop Taking Dumps On Guy’s Ferrari

Pooping fox

It’s a proud moment in one’s life when they get to the point where they can afford a Ferrari… that might be an oxymoron (affordable Ferrari).

When you spend that much money on a car, it’s only natural to want to protect it and keep it in pristine condition. You want it to stay just as it was the moment when you drove it off the lot, even though it depreciated tens of thousands of dollars.

One Ferrari owner in London, England is doing his best to keep his sports car in tip-top shape. There’s just one problem that he keeps running into, and that problem comes in the form of a pesky, serial-pooping fox.

Security camera footage has captured the small wild animal climbing up on top of the car and leaving behind “presents” night after night. The fox drops the scat in basically the same place every single time it does it – right smack dab in the middle of the rear window.

It’s honestly hilarious, especially because the car owner doesn’t seem to really be doing anything about it. He just gets upset every morning when he comes out to see a pile of poop right on top of his half-a-million dollar car.

Even living in a place as expensive as London, if you have “Ferrari money,” you have “garage money,” what are you doing, man? Get that thing in a garage…

You can see the fox “in action” in the post below:

Obviously, social media hasn’t had a lot of sympathy for the Ferrari owner. One because he… owns a car that’s worth more than some people’s houses. And two because the Ferrari owner hasn’t done a damn thing to fight back against the fox’s serial pooping.

The comments gave him some ideas on how he can counter the poop-and-runs though:

“You have a 488 but no garage? No cover?”

“Least obvious Lamborghini agent.”

“Fox thinks Ferrari is sh*t.”

“He gives zero fox how much that car cost.”

“The fox marked its turf. Man has gotta poop on it now to claim back as his territory. It’s a jungle out there.”

Well… that last one got a little weird, but maybe the Ferrari owner should try it out.

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