“Mom, What Did I Tell You About Leaving Your Purse In Here?” — Riley Green Trolls Fans With Funny New Video

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Good one, Riley.

Last week, Riley Green sort of set the internet ablaze when he posted a video that was supposed to just be a teaser of his song  “Worst Way” ahead of the release of his new Way Out Here EP.

Something else immediately caught the attention of fans, though, when they noticed what looked like some sort of bag or purse in the background… and let’s just say, hearts were breaking all over the country as they noticed it sitting on the island in his kitchen:

Last week, Riley tried to clear up confusion (or mend a few broken hearts, I should probably say) by posting an image of the duffle bag from the website to prove that it was his. But today, he made it even funnier by sharing a great clip on his Instagram stories poking fun at the situation, with the leather duffle bag front and center on a table.

You see him strumming an acoustic guitar singing a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City,” when his cute mom walks in and grabs it to leave. Riley stops playing and jokes with her, saying:

“Mom, what did I tell you about leaving your purse in here?”

I don’t know who thought this up, but it’s so funny and a perfect response. Also, I love that he got his mom involved and she had some fun with it too.

And of course, when we had some time with Riley at his inaugural Duckman Jam festival at the Flora-Bama this past weekend, we had to ask him about it too. Riley admitted that it was his, and he joked that never realized it looked so feminine until he saw the fan reaction:

“I’m really ashamed to say it’s my purse. I would’ve never called it a purse before, it’s like a duffle bag. I don’t know, enough of it was hanging out that it looked pretty feminine, I guess.

The general consensus was it was a purse, but it was mine.”

Riley also added that if there “was a purse” at this point in his life, it would probably belong to his mama, hence their video:

“My mom makes surprise visits pretty often to my place in Nashville, so if there was a purse at this point in my life, it would probably be my moms.”

There ya have it, ladies. I think we can wrap up “purse-gate” (for now)…

It only feels appropriate to cue this one up now:

I also love Riley’s twangy take on “Atlantic City”:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock