Bizarre Revival Livestock Show Looks More Like A Competition Between Demonically Possessed Kids

Livestock showing

Not to just, like, dump on some sort of community gathering that seems to make these people involved feel a little more alive, but what is this? With a hat tip to my ex for bringing this to my attention, the Revival Livestock Show was held in Paso Robles, California, sometime within the last week, and the apparent point of it is for pig showmen/women (who are children as far as I can tell) to appease judges by maintaining eye contact with said judges, and show how well they can control pigs.

Only it looks a lot more, well, sinister…

I can’t help but say this feels and looks more like an occult event where kids are possessed, and at some point, the animals will be sacrificed. Sorry to y’all who partake in such activities.

This is merely an outsider’s bewildered perspective on the matter, because this thang is going viral, and here I am, giving my ignorant but hopefully humorous perspective on it all.

If I were a judge for this competition, I’d be on the verge of fleeing the scene, especially when that red-shirted gal glared at me. Eek. Get me outta here!

You can sit there and lie and pass judgment on me and pretend like all these little tykes aren’t staring daggers through anyone in their line of vision with serious Regan MacNeil undertones.

Exorcist gif

At best, they’re giving me Austin Butler Feyd-Rautha vibes.

movie gif

Congrats to Karis for freaking me the f*ck out and seemingly winning the approval of the judges.

Is she gonna grow up to be Orphan Esther IRL or something? Sheesh. If facial expressions could kill, hers would.

Uhh… Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy your weekend after seeing this event unfold. At least the animals presumably lived to fight another day. I may go watch one of those aforementioned horror movies now.

Might bring me more comfort than what I just saw…

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A beer bottle on a dock