Bubba Wallace & His Wife Amanda Are Expecting Their First Child

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace

Baby Bubba, coming soon.

Bubba Wallace, driver of the #23 car for 23XI Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series has announced that he’s going to be a dad for the first time.

The driver took to social media to break the news that he and his wife Amanda are expecting their first child – and that she’s due on his birthday week, which is October 8.

Bubba (whose real name is Darrell Wallace Jr), married his wife Amanda Carter back in 2023 after five years of dating. The two initially met in high school – when Bubba would try to cheat off his future wife in Spanish class:

“We were in Spanish class in high school, and we sat near each other. I don’t remember first meeting, but he would always try to cheat. We were friends. There was three or four of us that did all of our projects together and he always would try to cheat off my exams because I was much smarter than he was!”

They didn’t become a couple until much later though, when Amanda was a senior in college and Bubba invited her out to one of his races in Las Vegas over her spring break.

She initially declined the invite, but Bubba was persistent:

“And then he asked a few times again, and I eventually said yes. I was like, well, I have to get to know him more if we’re going to be on vacation for a week together. And we started dating when we got out to Vegas, because we had been talking so much. We had really started to really like each other.”

Well obviously it worked out for them, because they’re now married and ready to welcome their first child into the world together.

Of course Bubba’s birthday falls during the Cup Series season, and if he makes the playoffs this year, there’s a possibility that his first child could be born while he’s competing for a championship.

And considering Bubba drives for a team owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan, you’ve gotta think the kid’s gonna be dressed in style:

Congrats to Bubba and Amanda!

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