“He’s Like A Giant Third Grader” – Randy Houser Recalls The Wild Story Of Lee Brice Accidentally Stabbing Himself At A Bar

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I could listen to Randy Houser tell stories all day. His storytelling cracks me up, and he has lived a life leading to some killer stories (but let’s face it, that is most rockstars, right?).

I thought I was done writing about pocket knife stories for the year after Mike Ryan detailed getting an open one thrown at him while on stage. Still, here I am again, writing another one, this time of a fellow country music colleague doing something dumb.

Randy Houser, while at Country Thunder this past weekend in Arizona, tells a wild story of seeing Lee Brice stab himself one time at a bar. And no…it was not on purpose (or at least one could hope).

“I watched Lee stab himself one time.”

He casually states, and the interviewer from KMLE Country Radio begs him to go on, knowing that this is about to be a story of pure craziness or pure stupidity…cast your votes now before continuing to read.

“Oh, we were just in a bar in Nashville, the Tin Roof. And Lee was getting stupid, and he had his knife out and was flicking it. And he started playing some game where he was trying to hit something on a stool and just popped it about that far in his leg.” 

The distance that Houser holds up looks like a solid 3-4 inches that the knife went into. Anyone else hurting just from hearing that? Same here…

“Off to the emergency room, you know. But this is the thing. This is only the kind of stuff Lee Brice could do. It’s like he’s a giant third grader, he really is.” 

Can someone put a GoPro on Randy Houser when he starts going out? I have a feeling it would make for the best reality TV. Hope Lee Brice learned his lesson that night at Tin Roof. That sounds like the world’s worst self-inflicted bar injury.

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