Mike Ryan Recalls Having An Open Pocket Knife Thrown At Him While On Stage: “It Hit Me Right In The Leg”

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That one could have ended up pretty bad.

In headlines these days fans throwing things on stage has been a common theme. While a bra here and there is fine, we have seen some other objects thrown that could have injured singers in the past, like a friendship bracelet that was thrown at Kelsea Ballerini or the phone that was thrown at Bebe Rexha… but this is a whole new level of dumb.

You’d think folks have more common sense than this, but sometimes, hearing stupidity like this just amazes you.

Mike Ryan recalled recently, while appearing as a guest on the Watering Hole Podcast, that he had an object that could have ended his life thrown at him on stage. And before you say, now couldn’t a phone at the head ended Bebe Rexha’s life, yes. But a phone is not traditionally thought of as a weapon, and this is. Ryan tells the story of a show when someone threw an open pocket knife at him while on stage.

“I somehow had a beer in my hand and I was being encouraged by everyone to shotgun this beer. I was like, ‘ahh, alright.’ I’m not scared to do that, so I asked for a knife because I didn’t have one.

And somebody threw an open ******* pocket knife from somewhere in the crowd. It hit me right in the leg, and skipped off the stage…”

Ryan continues to say that at the time he didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

SIR… it was an open pocket knife! That sounds like a stab wound waiting to happen. And thank goodness whoever chucked it from the crowd had enough manpower to get it from the stage. Can you imagine if it had hit someone in the crowd?

While this is so beyond dangerous and stupid from the crowd member who decided to heave it up to the stage, I am left with one question for Ryan after watching this clip. Why do you need a knife to shotgun a beer? Just grab a key like the rest of us do… I’m sure that’s way more accessible than a knife when on stage and would lead to way less potential injury.

I guess it only makes sense to now fire up a song about beer from Mike Ryan… crack one open in celebration that no one was left with stab wounds after this.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock