Parker McCollum’s Wife Has Only Played Golf Once… & It Was At Augusta National: “No Idea How Insane That Is”

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Parker McCollum‘s wife is out here living a dream most golf husbands will never experience.

In lieu of Masters Sunday, many of our country music favorites were tuned in and watched the action as Scottie Scheffler took home his second green jacket of his career.

While watching the tournament, Parker McCollum’s wife, Hallie Ray, dropped a little bit of information that most golf fanatics only dream of…she’s played at Augusta National Golf Club. But here is the kicker…she is not an avid golfer by any means.

As someone who self-admittedly just got a golf rundown over the weekend and knows very little about the sport, I DO know that playing at the famed Augusta National Golf Club is a dream come true… and a dream that is hard to attain. While there are a few ways that we common folk can get a tee time at the legendary course, it is not like walking up to your public courses or even other PGA courses around the nation.

However, Hallie Ray was one of the lucky ones that was able to secure a tee time.

Parker, learning this information, was baffled that she didn’t know how sacred of a course that is for golf fans, so naturally, he had to air out how (not only cool) but wild her story of playing Augusta is on social media.

“My wife has played golf one time in her life. I mean, literally one time.

She played 9 holes at Augusta National. Went to the range, had a caddie and played the front 9. She has absolutely no idea how insane that is. Just not a clue what that place really is.”

Parker better ask more questions to who she knows that made her playing 9 possible. Maybe he could get the hook up to play the course again with her, but this time, make it a full 18.

That Whataburger neon polo would look stellar against the green.

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