Kelly Clarkson Delivers Awesome Cover Of The Hank Williams Classic, “Mind Your Own Business”

Kelly Clarkson country music
Youtube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

LAWD have mercy.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, but there is absolutely nothing Kelly Clarkson can’t sing.

As I’m sure you’ve probably seen before, Kelly often covers country music on her daytime talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show, recently teaming up with Lainey Wilson for a duet of “Country’s Cool Again,” and absolutely crushing a cover of George Strait’s “Carrying Your Love with Me” not long ago too.

And a few days ago, she put a really cool spin on Hank Williams’ 1949 hit “Mind Your Own Business,” which he of course wrote and originally performed. Obviously, it’s an all-time classic and was also recorded by his son Hank Williams Jr. in 1986, along with Willie Nelson, Reba, Tom Petty and Reverend Ike.

That version has been the most successful after being released as a single on Hank Jr.’s Montana Cafe album, when it peaked at #1 on the country charts for two straight weeks. Jimmy Dean, Ernest Tubb, Charley Pride and many other artists have covered successful version of the song, as well.

And of course, we all know Kelly can sing the phonebook and make it sound good, so obviously, this is no different and a really fun interpretation of a country standard. Also, it’s pretty cool to see Kelly expose an entirely new fanbase to a country song that’s timelessly funny and brilliant, but also still 75 years old (and I’m sure many of her fans certainly don’t know).

All that to say, Kelly does it again, folks… so do yourself a favor and check it out:

The star-studded Hank Jr. version is pretty damn cool too:

And of course, the timeless original:

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