“I’m 11 Years Old, You’re 80” – Little Kid Owns Grumpy Old Woman Who Kicked Him At Arizona Diamondbacks Game

dbacks fan gets kicked

Respect your elders…unless you see this woman. You can choose to disrespect her after this.

There’s nothing like going to the ball park to take in a baseball game. The ambiance, the fanfare, the hot dogs and the ice cream served in small baseball helmets. Everything about the experience is wonderful, especially when you’re a kid.

Younger baseball fans usually go to the game with a mitt on their hand in the rare case that a foul ball or a home run comes flying their way. The young kid in this video was decked out in Arizona Diamondbacks gear, and even had the red baseball glove to complete the outfit.

His spirits were high as he returned to his seat in the left field bleachers, and the only thing that brought them down was one older woman who might be the most inconsiderate person on the planet. She had her legs fully extended to the wall in front of her seat, essentially blocking the kid from passing through.

The young fan stopped to wait for her to move her legs back to walk on by, but she never moved a muscle. Instead, she barked “step over me” at the Pit-Viper-wearing kiddo. Obviously, that request is strange. Not knowing really what to do, the young man stepped over her as she requested, and looked at her the entire time as he did it (accidentally Allen Iverson-ing her).

One he fully stepped over, the woman finally moved her legs… to kick the kid. We don’t have a ton of information on this, though it’s being presumed that the old woman and the young fan didn’t know each other. That becomes apparent when everyone in the stands that witnessed the situation groaned after the elderly woman kicked the kid in the back of the leg.

The grumpy old Karen might have assumed she had “won” the interaction, and probably also thought she was teaching someone else’s kid a lesson. However, after getting kicked by a rude, random stranger, the young Diamondbacks fan destroyed the elderly lady with this vicious quote:

“I’m 11 years old, you’re 80… get a life.”

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