“You Only Have Your First Child Once” – Masters Leader Scottie Scheffler Will Leave The Course If His Wife Goes Into Labor

Scottie Scheffler
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For somebody who’s irreproachably the best golfer in the world right now, Scottie Scheffler sure seems to have his priorities in order, and it feels like the game of golf is fighting to stay in the top five or so. Maybe that’s how Scheffler can waltz onto big stages with such a carefree demeanor, be seemingly unflappable amid a long period of putting woes, and continue to win and contend in the biggest tournaments at a stunning rate.

The 2022 Masters winner and only back-to-back winner in the history of The PLAYERS Championship holds a one-stroke lead through 54 holes in this year’s Masters, but his wife, Meredith, is going to give birth to their first child any day now. Scheffler vowed that he’d leave Augusta National in the event that his wife goes into labor before the week started.

That hasn’t changed even as he’s one quality round away from his second green jacket:

This man can do no wrong. Does he have an ugly golf swing? Yes. Is he kind of a bland dude compared to some of the louder personalities like Bryson DeChambeau? Absolutely. Does that make him a little more challenging to full-throat scream for coming down the stretch of Masters Sunday. To me, for sure.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the hell out of the guy, because let’s face it, he’s nails when the pressure is on, and damn near won three consecutive events before teeing it up in the first major of the calendar year.

What’s wild, too, is that Scheffler is still getting let down to a large degree by his putter.

If Scottie ever goes into a Happy Gilmore-like trance, finds his happy place, and starts strutting around saying, “Scottie learned how to putt — uh-oh!” he will reign supreme over the game for as long as his flat stick stays hot. Although his iron game isn’t as sharp this week, it’s feeling more and more like Scheffler’s C+ game is good enough to be in contention any time he’s in competition. Doesn’t matter if it’s a major or not. Despite that absurd, unconventional footwork through his downswing, you rarely see him miss by much as a ball-striker.

Circling back to Bryson, by the way, his hole-out on the 18th to close Saturday’s third round totally saved him. From the way Scottie reacted, I thought his brain was going to start leaking out from his ears.

But Scheffler’s mind seems like a steel trap. It can withstand such Bryson-related shenanigans, and the very real, private life distraction of his firstborn on the way.

As long as Scheffler keeps compartmentalizing in such stupendous fashion, I don’t see why he won’t win multiple Masters — even if he has to flee Augusta this time around for something that means far more to him.

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