Adorable Dog Named Trax Does His Best To Match Pitch With Tornado Siren In Bemidji, Minnesota

Dog calls with tornado
Beltrami County Emergency Management

Forget howling at the moon, how about howling more or less on the same frequency as a tornado siren? That’s what this beautiful boy Trax did recently at Lake Bemidji State Park in Minnesota when a weather alert rang through the wilderness.

Call this pup a croonin’ jukebox, because he was on it. Dogs seem to have a sixth sense about certain things, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Trax had sounded his own version of an alarm even without the aid of a siren if Mother Nature was acting up. However, in this instance, Trax was going for pure mimicry, and it netted all of us a nice little boost in the midst of the weekend.

Worth noting, too, that the tornado siren was just a drill, so no animals or humans were harmed in the aftermath of this video as a result of inclement weather.

Hat tip to For The Win for this nice little nugget. In lieu of anything else to discuss about this wholesome piece of news, I’ll give myself an excuse to tangent about something seemingly unrelated that actually does relate.

It just so happens that I’ve picked up with the FX Hulu TV series Fargo recently, and the immaculate first season is set in, you guessed it, Bemidji, Minnesota. Chugging along through Season 2 right now. I know the fifth season starring Jon Hamm just dropped, but I have a hard time seeing how the Season 1 will be topped.

Billy Bob Thornton turns in a straight-up god-tier performance. Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman and Colin Hanks are all brilliant. I don’t use that word lightly. Also, damn near everything’s a “masterpiece” these days. That word is thrown around far too liberally. Fargo Season 1 is a legitimate masterpiece, however.

Rather than spoil a single frame of the first season — queue it up! GO! — I shall plug the original 1996 Coen Brothers movie that inspired the show. Seven Oscar nominations and two wins. No big deal. I assume Fargo the TV show has won its fair share of Emmys, Golden Globes and such.

Shout out to Bemidji, Minnesota, for existing and serving as the setting that sparked an awesome TV show and a most improbable continuation of a fictional universe/franchise/whichever way you want to label it. The Fargo franchise is still on a roll almost three decades in.

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