Wyoming Game & Fish Shares Disturbing Video Of Final Moments Of Muzzled Wolf In Local Bar

Wolf in Wyoming bar
Cowboy State Daily


According to Cowboy State Daily, the Wyoming Fish & Game Department has released more evidence of the disturbing story we shared earlier this week, regarding a Wyoming man who brought an injured wolf home, and then to a local bar, before shooting it out back behind the bar.

Cody Roberts of Daniel, Wyoming, reportedly hit the wolf with his snowmobile while out wolf hunting in a predator zone, but rather than shooting it and putting it out of its misery, he taped up its mouth and took it home. He then took it to a local bar where he paraded it around before finally taking it outside and shooting it.

In Sublette County, it’s completely legal to hunt and kill wolves on sight, no tag required, and since this isn’t a domestic animal or a pet, Roberts cannot be charged with animal cruelty. He was cited for illegal possession of a live wolf and fined $250… a slap on the wrist.

It’s not hard to see why folks, hunters included, have a problem with this cruel behavior, and are demanding a more severe punishment for Roberts.

And those feelings are only compounded seeing the newly-released video of this muzzled wolf, clearly on its last leg, laying helplessly on the floor in the bar. The video confirms that he did, in fact, tape the wolf’s mouth shut and bring it to the bar.


And like I said before, I’m all for wolf hunting and predator control, but this ain’t it, man… you give hunters everywhere a bad name.

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