Wyoming “Hunter” Parades Injured Wolf Around The Bar Before Shooting It Outside, Fined $250 Bucks

wolf hunter poses for picture
Cody Roberts

What’s wrong with people? I find myself asking this on the daily, I suppose it just comes with the territory when you live and work on the internet all day, but man, I just don’t understand people.

According to Cowboy State Daily, a Wyoming man was fined a mere $250 bucks after he allegedly hit a wolf on his snowmobile, brought it to a local bar with its mouth taped up and posed for photos, before eventually taking it outside and killing it behind the building.

Cody Roberts of Sublette County, Wyoming, was fined $250 for possessing a live wolf, and despite the scumbag nature of bringing it to a bar and keeping it alive, that’s really the only illegal act here… possession. The wolf was found in one of Wyoming’s predator zones where they can be killed on sight, without any kind of tag or permit. Animal cruelty charges only apply to domesticated animals and pets, so by law, Roberts can do whatever he wants with the animal (aside from the simple possession). Bringing it to a bar with its mouth taped shut? It’s just unlawful possession. Shooting it outside? Fair game.

Needless to say, both animal lovers and fellow hunters are outraged by the stunt.

Rob Wallace, who lives in Wyoming and worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service under the Trump administration, said:

“This is awful. Wyoming represents the best in wildlife stewardship and this is a sad and disgusting outlier. In no way do I believe this represents who we are as a state.”

Obviously the law allows for the hunting of wolves, but any self-respecting hunter should find this pretty despicable. Wolves are predators, they’re a pain in the ass… I know, but show me where this falls into the spirit of hunting or conservation? Was this wolf on his property, attacking his livestock? No, it wasn’t. It’s a trashy move that has no place in the outdoor community. Have some respect for the animal.

Apparently, some family members (his aunt) found it fun to pose for pictures as well:

A number of people took to the comments to condemn the behavior, even people who are in favor of the hunting of wolves (which is the correct take, here):

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