Throwback To Zach Bryan Rocking Out In The Crowd At Tyler Childers’ Show

Tyler CHilders Zach bryan

How does it feel to be one of God’s favorites? I think that every time I see this concert clip.

In honor of Tyler Childers’ The Mule Pull ’24 Tour being in full swing, it only feels fitting to circle back to this clip from a few years ago. What a time it is to be at a Childers show and just have the crowd belting out the lyrics.

If you have experienced a Tyler Childers show, you know that it is an out-of-body experience. His captivating stage presence combined with his spot-on vocals is truly a spiritual experience. Don’t believe us? Well, you either need to make it to a show yourself or watch this clip:

Now imagine being at a show, entranced with the lyrics, and then noticing that the person in front of you is none other than Zach Bryan…I’d simply faint. A while back a lucky fan noticed that ZB and one of his homeboys were absolutely living in the moment right in front of them at a Tyler Childers show.

“Throwback to when I went to a Tyler Childers concert, and Zach Bryan was right in front of me.” 

She wrote in an on-screen caption.

The video shows Bryan singing each word of “Lady May” deep from his core, and it might be the most wholesome video on the internet. With no phones in sight, everyone in the crowd is soaking up the tender song just like Bryan is.

What a killer moment to have witnessed incredible artists supporting other incredible artists. Music truly brings us all together.

@chasiepie778 Best night of my entire life @Zach Bryan ♬ original sound – casper’s mommy

Just for fun check out some of the Tyler Childers covers that Zach Bryan has put up over the past few years.

“Follow You To Virgie” 

“All Your’n”

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