It’s Only Day One At The Masters, But Dustin Johnson Has Already Won As Wife Paulina Gretzky Steals The Show

Paulina Gretzky
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The Masters is officially underway.

You either already knew that because you watched the exciting Par Three Contest yesterday, or you’ve seen that professional golfer Dustin Johnson’s wife Paulina Gretzky is on the grounds at Augusta National Golf Club.

Yes, if you were wondering, it’s that Gretzky. As in all-time-great, hall-of-fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s daughter. Paulina and Dustin started dating all the way back in 2013, and finally tied the knot in April of 2022.

With Johnson’s long-hitting ability and the natural hockey skills coursing through Paulina’s veins, the couple’s two kids (Tatum and River) will undoubtedly grow up to be all-pro athletes.

But that’s not what golf fans were talking about today online. If you’re familiar with Paulina Gretzky’s “game,” you probably know good and well why Johnson’s wife was going viral on the first day of the Masters tournament.

It may or may not have had something to do with the outfit she chose to sport as she cheered on her husband at Augusta National Golf Club:

Dustin Johnson won the Masters tournament back in 2020, when the event was postponed and played in the month of September because of that whole thing that stopped the world in its tracks. It was a very different vibe for the tournament that’s traditionally played in the spring, though the Green Jacket DJ put on counted just the same.

Golf fans used to see a lot more of Dustin Johnson and his wife Paulina when he still played on the PGA Tour. But back in 2022, he was one of the players that defected to the LIV Tour and got paid millions upon millions of dollars to do so.

The four major tournaments allow for players from both tours to come together once again to play, which is why Dustin Johnson is teeing it up and looking to put on another coveted green jacket.

Though if he isn’t able to win the Masters yet again, he’s still winning no matter what, if you catch my drift…

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