“Tiger, I’m Open!” – Tiger Woods Drops A Dime To Fan In The Crowd At The Masters

Tiger Woods Masters

Why didn’t I think of this?

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods is the most popular golfer on the planet, even though now that he’s 48-years-old, he’s past his prime. And I’m only saying that because I hope he sees that, it fires him up, and he goes on to win 10 more PGA events.

He could start with winning The Masters once more, a major event that he’s been victorious in five times, and last won in 2019. Some say his victory in 2019 at Augusta National is one of the greatest comebacks in all of sports.

Because Tiger has won at the Masters, he’s invited back for a lifetime, which means he is teeing it up this year at the iconic golf club and is reportedly taking his preparation very seriously. Part of that pre-Masters prep was a practice round yesterday, and it was at the end of his practice session that one fan got a souvenir from the GOAT.

A local news station in Georgia ended up covering the story of how the souvenir came to be. One patron at the Masters had the bright idea to ask for Tiger Woods’ golf ball after he was done with his practice round, and as he explained in his interview, he did it in a pretty unique way:

“We were just there sitting and then it just happened to be quiet and I was just looking at him, and (I thought) ‘Hey why not?’. I yelled at him ‘Tiger, I’m open!’ and he kind of smirked and he turned and smirked at me and that’s when I knew it. I said, ‘Oh gosh, he’s gonna do it.'”

Once he had Tiger’s attention, Woods thought about it for a moment, then decided to “hit the open wide receiver.” And he didn’t lob the golf ball either. It was a straight line drive that was honestly coming in a little too hot:

“He missiled it right to me. There was everyone around me, but I don’t really know (what happened). I just jumped up. It hit my hand first and I didn’t initially catch it. It bounced off and it was like a double catch. It was great.

Honestly shocked with myself that I caught it. He throws a fast one, my hand was throbbing for a little bit. Good arm Tiger. It was pretty electric. Everyone went crazy.”

What an incredible Masters memory for that guy. That golf course is a magical place, and now that patron has his own magical moment to remember forever… and obviously now possesses a Tiger Woods used golf ball, which is cool as hell.

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