Cole Chaney Falls Off Stage And Breaks Hand At Austin Show Last Night, Still Plays Full Set

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Cole Chaney took a nasty fall off stage right before his show in Austin, Texas last night, while he was passing out waters to his band as they were set to play at Antone’s.

One of the most promising young acts coming out of Appalachia right now (East Kentucky), Cole has opened for stars like Charles Wesley Godwin recently, and even opened CWG’s sold-out Ryman shows last December. And back in February, Cole kicked off a headlining tour of his own that started in Bloomington, Indiana.

While Cole was able to get through the full 90 minute set for fans in Austin, he quickly learned after it was over that he did, in fact, break his hand. Cole shared a photo of the X-ray on Instagram, saying he figured that’s what happened initially and it has since been confirmed.

Cole also thanked the fans for helping him get through it, saying he wouldn’t have been able to finish the show without their support:

“Austin, thanks for showing out. Right before our first song, tonight, I fell off the back of the stage while trying to hand waters out to the band. I figured my left hand was broke, but I wasn’t certain.

If y’all hadn’t showed up the way you did, I wouldn’t have got through the first song, much less the entire show. You got me through all 90 minutes. Thanks for sticking around.”

And unfortunately, he’s going to have to postpone the remaining five shows on the first leg of his his 2024 Legends & Verse tour:

“As bad as it pains me to say it, I believe this may put an end to the first leg of the legends and verse tour.

I will update with more information, pertaining to rescheduling, as soon as possible. We’ll be back, better than ever. Best job I ever had.”

Based on how he handled the fall yesterday, seemingly still putting on a top-notch show in spite of what I’m sure was very painful situation trying to play guitar and sing through it, I have a feeling Cole will be back and better than ever in no time:

And speaking of him opening at the Ryman, check out his awesome performance of “Another Day in the Life,” which was included on his awesome 2021 Mercy album:

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