“Meant To Be” Singer Bebe Rexha Takes A Phone Square To The Face At New York City Show

Bebe Rexha
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Many of us unfortunately can’t forget the trauma we went through while turning the radio dial to your local country music radio station, and hearing Bebe Rexha’s “Meant To Be” featuring Florida Georgia Line back in 2017.

You know the trap beat-filled, overproduced pop song where FGL and Rexha sang “If it’s meant to be it’ll be, it’ll be,” over and over again until your ears bled, as it was forced upon country radio just because they slapped Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley’s voices in the song.

And unfortunately, FGL and Rexha were able to  double dip the song into country radio and pop radio, making it one of the most listened to country radio songs of all time. In fact, to this day, it holds the Billboard Hot Country Chart record for most consecutive weeks at #1 with a whopping 50 straight weeks… nearly an entire year.

It also helped FGL surpass George Strait as the country artist with the most cumulative weeks at #1 on the chart… brutal.

And I’ll admit, I still don’t know anything about Bebe Rexha, and honestly haven’t heard the name since 2017…

Until now…

The 33-year-old Brooklyn pop star was playing back home in New York City this past weekend at The Rooftop at Pier 17. Everything appeared to be running smooth, until a phone came flying out the crowd, and smacking Rexha right below her left eye.

OOF, sniper got ’em.

It’s fairly common to see fans throw their phones on stage. I guess they’re hoping the artist takes a picture and then somehow gets the phone back to them, but to me, it just seems like a good way to lose your phone. Or, you know… send the artist to the hospital.

You can see the pop singer fall to her knees in obvious pain, as the crew came out to assist her.

The show was paused at this point, as Rexha was rushed offstage.

It’s uncertain how serious the injuries are, but according to the New York Post, unconfirmed reports say that she needed three stiches.

A part of me wants to laugh because I still hate the fact that Bebe Rexha’s name will forever be in the country music record books, but I also can imagine how painful it would be to get hit square in the face with an iPhone that was chucked at you from several feet away. Not to mention, all of the fans who probably paid pretty good money to go see the performance, just for the show to get cut short because of one fan.

We’ve seen artists get hit with beers, shoes, and now cell phones and it should serve as a reminder not to throw stuff on stage. I’m sure this was an accident but still… don’t be an idiot.

See for yourself:

According to ABC7NY, the dude who threw it was arrested.

Nicolas Malvagna of Manalapan, New Jersey, was charged with assault and will be arraigned later this week.


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