Brooks & Dunn Accused Of Butchering Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” During CMT Music Awards Tribute

Brooks and Dunn country music
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CMT

Everyone has an off night once in a while, eh?

Tonight’s whatever-annual CMT Music Awards have been pretty much a complete snoozefest. CoJo kicked it off with some fire, Jelly Roll gave another round of good speeches, Lainey Wilson is always fun to watch, but overall… complete waste of time.

But Wes, if it’s so lame, why are you watching it? Good question…

Honestly, the only part of this ridiculous music video awards show (does CMT even play music videos anymore?) that piqued my interest was the tribute to the late, great Big Dog Daddy himself, Toby Keith.

And I have to say… it was pretty flat.

Roger Clemens and Sammy Hagar were two of Toby’s good friends, but for a country music awards show it seems a little out of left field (no pun intended). Lainey is Lainey… she’s always entertaining, but ol’ Kix and Ronnie seemed like they found out about the performance five minutes before they went on stage.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some Brooks and Dunn, they put on one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and Ronnie Dunn still can sing with the best of them, but the timing, the fumbled lyrics… everything was just a bit off.

And the folks were letting them hear it on X (formerly known as Twitter):

And like I said, everybody has an off night here and there, but with it being a tribute to a legend like Toby Keith, you really want to bring your A-game.

It just goes to show you how great Toby Keith really was… you just can’t do him justice with any ol’ cover.

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