Gleyber Torres Didn’t Let A New York Earthquake Stop His Batting Practice At Yankee Stadium

Yankees batting practice earthquake

Talk about being locked in. As New York Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres was gearing up for Friday’s early-afternoon game against the AL East rival Toronto Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium, an earthquake hit the New York area and clearly shook the camera that captured his batting practice session.

Incredibly, Torres didn’t so much as step out of the box, or give the ole’ hand up gesture to his designated soft tosser. The Earth quaketh, and batting practice Torres continued to taketh without a second’s interruption.

The personalities in the studio for MLB Network also had their set rocked by the quake, and host Robert Flores declared, “We’ll finally be on Awful Announcing!” which I thought was quite a funny improvisational line. Awful obliged, too.

Torres is already a two-time All-Star at age 27 for one of the most iconic franchises in all of sports. Given how much of a marathon the MLB’s cartoonishly long 162-game regular season is, I wouldn’t blame him for coasting a bit. The Yanks are off to a 6-1 start, yet Torres has an underwhelming .214 batting average to date. Nothing to be super alarmed about, especially since Torres has four hits in 13 April at-bats. I guess he wants to make sure he’s still trending in the right direction after stumbling out of the gates. Dude is dialed in the early going.

Anyway, early reports seem to indicate the earthquake didn’t do a ton of significant damage, but it’s nevertheless alarming and historically strong for a region that doesn’t get them very often at all.

If Torres could still take BP with this quake hitting, I’m quite confident in saying that damages will be minimal, if any. People are already popping off on the social medias with jokes about it, and this one in particular got me really good.

Speaking of New York and Saturday Night Live and all, Pedro Pascal is just crushing it these days, isn’t he? Between being the Fantastic Four’s new Reed Richards, to The Mandalorian, to The Last of Us to endearingly breaking character on SNL, the man can do no wrong.

Now that we’re here, why not plug one of the best video sketches in recent years below?

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A beer bottle on a dock