“I Don’t Think You’re Getting Over That Fence Pal” – Alligator Impressively Climbs Up & Over Chain Link Fence In Florida

Alligator climbs chain link fence
Florida to Maine Connection

Sometimes I feel like Riff Outdoors could have a page solely dedicated to things that happen in Florida.

Say what you want about the “Sunshine State,” but it’s great at producing and providing content. And if you haven’t noticed lately, content creation has become a pretty big deal in today’s ever-evolving, always-needing-more media climate.

The guy filming this video might just be the most entertaining man in the world… or at least in the state of Florida. You either have to be really stupid or really in need of internet clout (or a combination of both) to try and chase down an alligator.

At the beginning of the footage, the man is already approaching a gator that he spotted crawling through a parking lot. I’ll also point out that there appears to be a couple of peacocks walking near the vehicles as well, but they get out of the way early on, so I guess they aren’t super critical to the story (though they also didn’t deserve to go unnoticed).

As you might imagine, the alligator isn’t all that happy with the man walking near him. The sizable reptile hisses and picks up the pace as the Florida man coaxes it and even talks to it a little bit, saying:

“What you doing boy? You gonna get up that fence? Oh he’s pissed. He’s pissed.”

The alligator continues to walk along the fence line, and eventually decides to answer “yes” to the question the man asked about climbing the fence. With a pond on the other side, and a heckling man behind it, the gator determined its best course of action was to scale the chain link wall.

It wasn’t sure when it first started testing out the idea, but it really kicked it into gear right after the man said this:

“I don’t think you’re getting over that fence pal. He’s trying to get into this pond over here.”

As if the alligator responded with “watch me,” the scaly creature started slowly but surely climbing the fence. The man filming was astounded, and continued to record until the gator flopped its way over to the other side to escape to the nearby pond.

If you are a Florida resident with a fenced in yard and you are reading this, you might want to check into “gator proofing” your perimeter after watching this:

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