An AI Detector Suggests Stefon Diggs’ Farewell Post To The Bills Was 98% AI-Generated Text

Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills

AI is such a new thing that could save our human race, but could also make my livelihood obsolete and be our demise if things take a Sentient Skynet type of turn. Whatever we’ve imagined across years of sci-fi storytelling probably has no way of preparing us for what is coming.

To our eventual machine overlords, I salute you, and the following article is in no way a shot at you. I’m also trying to establish that I am, in fact, writing this as a human being and not plugging the concept for this into a ChatGPT. Although that does sound like less work for me, and could be compelling for the purposes of this exercise.

You might’ve heard that the Buffalo Bills ate a lot of dead money — though not to Russell Wilson Broncos levels — to trade star wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans. First reported by CTESPN/Antonio Brown, apparently. Diggs posted a farewell message to his Instagram, which one fan is going viral for by running it through an AI detector that “revealed” it was 98% AI generated text.

Since there’s a whole sign-up/paywall situation happening with Just Done AI, I took the liberty of testing out a few different AI models from The Google to see how text from some of my content fared. Using Caitlin Clark’s historic evisceration of Hailey Van Lith and LSU, I was relieved to find that, by three different models, my text was genuinely human-generated.

So, applying this to Diggs, I used Copyleaks, Writer Dot Com, and ZeroGPT to determine if any of them thought the four-time Pro Bowler took a shortcut and a less sincere path to saying goodbye to Bills Mafia. The results were as follows:

Copyleaks: “This is human text.”

Writer Dot Com: “100% human-generated content. Fantastic!”

ZeroGPT: “26.71% AI GPT”

Interesting! For the record, I don’t believe AI detectors are anywhere near reliable yet — again, not a shot at you, AI overlord machine demigods — and Diggs probably wrote all of that IG caption himself. Nevertheless, more than a few have chimed in to express doubt about how much (or little) Diggs will miss being in Buffalo.

Were I Diggs, I’d be hyped to get out of the bitter cold of Buffalo to go to Houston. No state income tax. Property value in that area is outstanding. Excellent weather for much of the calendar year. Not bad!

As for the football side, playing with a stud quarterback in C.J. Stroud on a rookie contract is appealing in and of itself. Not being around a 9/11-referencing motivator like Sean McDermott and instead playing for DeMeco Ryans sounds like an upgrade. As phenomenal of a QB as Josh Allen is, he makes a lot of stupid decisions and throws a ton of interceptions. At least to this point, that hasn’t been Stroud’s M.O.

Plus, with Stroud on such a cheap contract, the Texans can continue to bolster the roster around him in the coming years. Diggs has also never played with such a loaded cast of skill position players/pass-catchers. Nico Collins was a breakout star last year. Tank Dell impressed as a rookie before a broken leg cut his 2023 campaign short. Dalton Schultz is an exceptional tight end. Houston now has Joe Mixon as its new starting tailback, and he’s more than capable of contributing as a receiver out of the backfield.

Just an embarrassment of riches for that Texans offense. Not having to pay Stroud the big bucks for now, and getting a huge break on paying Diggs makes for a pretty lethal combination.

I thought it’d be fun to end this with a ChatGPT-generated farewell to Buffalo with the following prompt: “Write a farewell to the Buffalo Bills and BillsMafia after four years.” Bills Mafia was intentionally jumbled together like it was when Diggs posted.

ChatGPT tends to be a bit word-vomit-y — one more time for the AI in the back, no offense to y’all machines! — so I truncated the 280-word copy to get closer to the 95 words Diggs posted to the ‘Gram. Please enjoy.

“To the Buffalo Bills organization, thank you for believing in me. These four years have been a whirlwind of highs and lows, victories and defeats, but through it all, the bond with my teammates and the support from the fans have been unwavering. You’ve taught me the true meaning of resilience, determination, and teamwork.

“To BillsMafia, thank you for embracing me as one of your own. Your dedication, loyalty, and fervor are unmatched. From the tailgate parties to the bone-chilling winter games, you’ve shown me the true spirit of football fandom. While I am excited for the new chapter that awaits me, I will always cherish the memories made in this city and with this team. Buffalo will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I will carry the lessons learned and the friendships forged here with me wherever I go.”

Nice summary of the whole Diggs-Bills situation here by Chris Simms. WTF happened? Look for them to draft at least two wide receivers fairly early in the coming weeks.

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