Antonio Brown’s CTESPN Appears To Have Predicted Stefon Diggs Being Traded To The Houston Texans Weeks Ago

Stefon Diggs

Who would have guessed that one of the best sports news breakers in the industry would be a former NFL football player who seems to be open to admitting he has brain trauma?

Sports news moves fast, so much so that many different media personalities have jobs that are specifically dedicated to working the phones and delivering breaking news. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is a great example of that if you were looking for a point of reference.

But a sleeper candidate for “news breaker of the year” is, as surprising as it sounds, Antonio Brown. Yes, that Antonio Brown. The guy who took off his uniform and streaked across the football field during his last moments in the NFL.

Call it a stroke of luck, or just shooting at a high volume and occasionally having something stick, but Brown and his weird branding of a fake sports network called “CTESPN” have amazingly gotten or called certain stories right way ahead of when they’ve happened.

Brown and CTESPN first predicted Russell Wilson signing a one year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers back in March. The CTESPN account posted that he had agreed to terms with the Steelers two days before the official news broke:

Weird right?

Well like that above social media post suggested, no one gave CTESPN credit for breaking the news, and they teased that the prediction, or I guess delivery of news from a weird source, would be the “first of many.”

Crazy enough, I guess they were right about that too. Back on March 17th, CTESPN posted a photoshopped picture of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs wearing a Houston Texans uniform.

No one really paid much attention to it back then, but everyone on social media is paying a ton of attention to it now. Why? Because today, almost three weeks after CTESPN posted that picture, Diggs was in fact traded to the Houston Texans.

Sources tell ESPN… could those sources be Antonio Brown and CTESPN?

I don’t want to blatantly say “believe everything you see on Antonio Brown’s parody sports network, but I’m starting to think he might be onto something. Fool me once AB, shame on me. Fool me twice AB, I guess I’ll start believing what you have to say about moves in the NFL.

Oh, and by the way, social media could hardly believe that CTESPN did it again:

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