Tiny Mink Catches Northern Pike Twice Its Size & Impressively Drags It Off

Mink snags a pike
Brabant Lodge

Minks, we owe you an apology. We weren’t familiar with your game.

You might not be aware of the small powerhouse of Mother Nature that is known as a mink, but you’re about to find out all that the little animal is capable of. They usually only grow to be about a foot long and weigh around two to four pounds, and like an undersized basketball player, they make up for their size with a lot of grit and heart.

That’s showcased in this video of a mink fishing for a Northern pike that is twice its size. Judging by the size difference, you’d probably think that it wouldn’t be that great of a matchup. However, the slender-bodied mink is out to prove that it can hunt and fish just as well as its bigger animal counterparts.

Minks have their razor sharp claws and strong jaws to thank for giving them a fighting chance with bigger prey. The small critter in this footage had to put everything to work in order to bring in the large Northern pike, and even caught a ride on the flopping fish for a moment as it tried to take it down.

Slide to the right to check it out:

Anyone else getting major Mighty Mouse vibes from this mink?

I’m thoroughly impressed, and honestly can’t get over how easy that mink made landing that big catch look. Just goes to show you that it’s not the size of the mink in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the mink.

Sorry to get inspirational there. Let’s quickly move past that by taking a look at what some Instagram commenters had to say about the impressive little animal “reeling in” the big pike:

“Aww he had a fun little ride and then a big lunch!”

“There is great strength even in little things.”

“Smart too… once the fish got off he knew to right away run back in the water behind him to cut the fish off and grab him again.”

“If we were even three times their size they’d be freaking monsters to us.”

“Riding that fish like it was a bull.”

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