Swiss Shooting Range Aims Right Over A Busy Highway (& Some Cows)

Swiss shooting range
Tom Scott

That’s trust… trust that I certainly wouldn’t have for people at the local gun range here in the States.

This is great video that avoids the politics of gun ownership and gets straight to the facts of responsible gun ownership. The Swiss have demonstrated a remarkable level of firearms safety at a national level, and this explains, in part, why it works.

Switzerland has a high rate of gun ownership (about 30 firearms per 100 people) and it begins with many of its citizens being required to join the military. Once military service is complete, they have to option to keep their guns., and many of them do. This experience has resulted in a large majority of the country being properly trained on how to use guns safely, and sport shooting has become a very popular pastime.

This range located in Latterbach, Switzerland, has visitors take aim and shoot over a busy highway (and a farm field). It is used annually by its 160 members and military trainees to fire 80,000 rounds over the road at the 12 targets.

How is this safe you might ask? The range is designed so that as long as you are using a rifle strong enough to clear a barrier and reach the targets, which are the only kind of firearms they allow at the range, there is no possible trajectory to hit a vehicle. With these measures in place, the unique range is completely safe.

Check it out here for your amazement:

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