Kid Lands A Monster Largemouth Bass While Riding A Pool Noodle In The Lake

kid catches big bass on noodle

There’s nothing like seeing a kid experience the joys of fishing.

Largemouth bass are some of the most popular sportfish in North America, and in many lakes and ponds across the country, you can catch a ton of them. The can get absolutely massive, reaching weights up over 10 pounds in the south, and most of them put up a decent fight compared to other species. When you land a monster, it’s hard to beat.

This kid is enjoying it right to the core though, and gives me hope for the next generation that they will enjoy it and pass it along too. He is seen out on a pool noodle in the middle of a pond with his rod bent right over.

An absolute smasher of a bass jumps out of the water as the kid loses his mind in disbelief that he hooked into this hog on a pool noodle.

“Oh my god! It’s huge.”

The kid snags it and is even more impressed with his catch.

“This is a 10-pounder!”

The kid makes his way to the bank and holds onto his catch for dear life. He loses the massive bass near shore, but that’s still a catch.

Atta boy.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock