“Take It To The Bank, Baby” – Jelly Roll Fires Up iHeart Crowd With Another Electric Acceptance Speech

Jelly Roll

Another one for Jelly Roll to add to the shelf.

Jelly Roll’s winning streak continues as he took home Best New Artist Pop & Country last night at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. If there is one thing that Jelly Roll has taught his fans over the last year, outside the moving messages in his lyrics, it’s that he could have had an alternate career as a motivational speaker because MAN knows how to fire up a crowd.

During the 2023 CMA Awards, he lit the crowd on fire, leaving the audience and viewers at home feeling like they could run through brick walls after his New Artist of the Year acceptance speech. While that will still go down in history as one of the greatest acceptance speeches of all time, he gives that one a slight run for its money for what he said during the iHeartRadio Awards.

And if hearing this message doesn’t make you love Jelly Roll even more…I’m not sure what will.

“My mama always told me I had a face for radio, baby!

He shouts into the microphone as he holds up the prized award. The crowd wildly cheers behind him.

“I never would have dreamed I would be one of the voices coming through your radio, and to be the Best New Country Artist and represent country music, and the Best New Pop Artist. You don’t know what this means to a kid like me!

I was thinking about it. What does it mean when a guy like me gets the opportunity to be the new pop artist of the year at iHeartRadio’s awards? It means that God will always use the least likely messenger with the biggest message every single time! You can take it to the bank, baby!

I love you, Jesus! And I love you, Bunnie, my wife, thank you for everything: Bailee Ann, my daughter at home. If you’re watching this, I’m coming home, baby. I’ll see you! I’M BRINGING IT HOME, WE DID IT AGAIN.”

Jelly Roll gets increasingly excited throughout every sentence of his speech, screaming into the microphone at the end of it, attempting to be heard over the roaring crowd.

After that win, I bet Jelly Roll hopes to give another fiery acceptance speech this week at the CMT Awards this Sunday. Last year, he said the CMT Awards were his “welcoming party” into the genre, and after the wild year he had last year, you can only imagine that he will walk into Austin’s Moody Center hungry for more.

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