Kylie Kelce Reveals That Jason Kelce Had Been Writing His Retirement Speech For “Years”

Kylie Kelce

Kylie Kelce had heard Jason’s retirement speech a time or two before he said it to the public.

Just like Jason Kelce has become America’s sweetheart, Kylie Kelce has quickly followed suit, capturing the hearts of Kelce fans as well. She recently appeared on the TODAY Show to discuss her husband’s retirement, Travis and Taylor’s relationship and more.

While the whole interview is worth the watch (and to spare my readers from more Taylor and Travis news), a very interesting part of the conversation was regarding her husband’s emotional retirement speech. As Jason spent his entire NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles, fans of the franchise knew that he would bring everyone to tears. As one of the best centers in the NFL, he spoke so humbly about his career, reminiscing about all of the wonderful memories with the team and his coaches, and the whole speech was rightfully emotional.

However, Kylie Kelce knew that the speech was about to be a tear-jerker.

“So speaking about further love being developed. That is how me and Hoda felt watching that retirement speech, but apparently that was not your first time hearing it before.”

Jenna led the conversation after talking about Kylie’s passion for Autism awareness.

“So he has been writing his retirement speech for years. He has been telling me he is going to retire since we started dating. Which was like almost nine years ago…

I think he understood what the impact was on what football has been to his life, and I think he wanted to accurately convey that to everyone else. I think it’s a moment to give thanks to all the people who helped him along the way. He truly contributes his journey to the coaches that he had, the people around him, and every single teammate.

So, he really wanted to make sure it was correct, and I think it was an outstanding summary.”

I wonder if Kylie knew that the sweet part of the speech where he thanked her for “a life that increasingly brings me more fulfillment off the field than it does on.” That portion of the speech had me in a puddle.

Jenna and Hoda then joke that the future of Jason Kelce will involve many more shirtless moments like the Buffalo game. While Kylie at first wasn’t thrilled with the idea of her husband “showing his boobs” as their daughters saw it, she now laughed at the moment, responding to the talk show hosts with:

“Isn’t he cute?”

How do you not love Kylie Kelce even more after hearing that? She has stood by Jason throughout his career and supported him as he lived out his dream. You can tell she is one proud wife.

While you’re here, you might as well re-watch his retirement speech. It is a 12/10.

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