Jason Sudeikis Taunted LSU’s Angel Reese With The “Can’t See Me” Gesture She Famously Made At Caitlin Clark

Jason Sudekis

My how the tables have turned on LSU. Not that Angel Reese is some scrub at basketball, but she really tempted fate by teasing Caitlin Clark in the late going of last year’s national championship game.

Maybe Reese figured Clark would just jump to the WNBA rather than coming back for a whole other season of college ball. Maybe she thought the bracket wouldn’t break in such a way that she’d have to face Clark again until LSU had at least reached the Final Four, or the grand finale again. She would’ve thought wrong on all accounts if that was indeed the case.

But that didn’t stop Reese from leaving a little courtside hardware in Clark’s view prior to tip-off.

One too many times back to the well I’m afraid, Angel. Not only did Clark outplay Reese with an incredible 41-point, seven-rebound, 12-assist night in the Hawkeyes’ 94-87 Elite Eight win, but Ted Lasso actor/creator Jason Sudeikis was on hand to dish Reese’s “can’t see me” right back in her face.

Haters like Shooter McGavin will criticize Sudeikis, a known diehard Kansas Jayhawks fan, for conducting himself in such a way.

First of all, Kansas and Iowa are Midwest states that almost border each other. Secondly, Ted Lasso is a Wichita, Kansas, native. Before making the TV premise-worthy leap of coaching soccer across the pond at AFC Richmond, he was a raging success as the head football coach of Wichita State. That’s a clear basketball school that Coach Lasso turned into a juggernaut on the gridiron. Wichita State and Iowa have the exact same school colors, in addition to shared Midwest roots.

I almost guarantee you that Sudeikis isn’t too privy to what’s going on with the Jayhawks’ women’s hoops team, all due respect to them. And with the Kansas men once again bowing out of the NCAA Tournament disappointingly early this year — and Bill Self wanting to get the hell away from the players he was coaching — I don’t blame Sudeikis one bit for jumping onto the Caitlin Clark bandwagon like the vast majority of model Americans. Countless people had to be in front of their TVs, doing the “can’t see me” right along with Sudeikis when he fired it up.

Alright. Now that all that is established, how about we end this on a positive note to highlight the epic legacy Angel Reese built during her time in Baton Rouge? She did stuff the stat sheet against Iowa, with 17 points (albeit on 7-of-21 shooting), 20 rebounds, four assists, two steals and three blocks before fouling out.

Despite her antics of yesteryear and the pregame crown stunt, Reese displayed good sportsmanship after the fact, too.

Really good on Clark not to taunt her back. But no seriously, look at Reese’s accomplishments. Exceptional.

And if there’s any doubt about who Reese is as a teammate and therefore I suspect as a person, look no further than how passionately Flau’jae Johnson defended her after Monday’s loss.

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