Hunter Drops 3 Wild Hogs At 1 Time With A Once In A Lifetime Shot

Three hogs dropped at once

What. A. Shot.

The 2-for-1 is an amazing shot, but the 3-for-1 is next level. That’s practically unheard of.

Hogs are the type of animal you might get lucky enough to get a unique shot attempt like that on though, as they are often grouping up in large numbers. And if they’re around, you probably want to kill as many as you can anyways. They cause an insane amount of damage, reaching billions dollars annually in the United States… with over a billion alone coming from the state of Texas.

These wild hogs multiply very rapidly and completely take over areas, ripping apart farm fields and forest as they do. These beasts can reach over 400-pounds and will dig up and rip apart anything they have to find it.

In most areas they are in, there’s a completely open season with no limits as they only effective strategy to keeping their population down is eradication. Some counties will even pay hunters money for each hog they kill. Their high populations can make for some interesting hunting encounters as people chase after them.

This guy put his shooting skills on display and did what very few could do, or perhaps, what few get the opportunity to do. To have 3 animals’ line up to be able to pass one bullet through all three is nearly impossible, but this guy got that chance and made the most of it.

While out hunting for some hogs, a whole group comes out and a few line up for an easy shot. Down goes not one, not two, but three hogs with one shot… a shot for the books.

Check it out:

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