“Trying To Raise Kids In A World That Is Getting More Confusing Every Day” – Cole Beasley On Why He’s Not Ok With Men Painting Their Nails

Cole Beasley Caleb Williams
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You’re not going to see Cole Beasley painting his nails any time soon.

The former NFL wide receiver, who played for 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills, caused a bit of a stir on Twitter recently when he seemingly took a shot at Caleb Williams, the likely #1 draft pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and Heisman-trophy winning quarterback from USC.

Williams has frequently been spotted with his fingernails painted, and recently went viral during a USC basketball game for not only his pink nails, but also his matching phone case and wallet.

But Beasley is admittedly not a fan of the trend, and took to Twitter earlier this year with what many thought was a shot at Williams:

His tweet drew strong reactions on both sides, with many applauding Beasley for speaking out while others questioned why he cared what other guys did with their fingernails.

But apparently Beasley was surprised by the reaction – and recently took to Twitter once again to question why anybody is really shocked at his position.

And when somebody said they were disappointed in Beasley for judging others, he further explained why he’s not ok with the trend:

“Yo it’d be different if we weren’t living in a world that is trying to make it ok for a boy to just be a girl all the sudden. Or a cat or a dog. In a world where they are trying to normalize pedophilia. Handing out awards for courage for pretending to be something you’re not.

I’m trying to raise kids in a world that is getting more confusing every day. Do what you want but stop promoting the shit like it’s admirable.”

Doesn’t sound like you’ll be seeing Cole Beasley with nail polish on any time soon.

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