Charlie Overbey Enlists Marcus King & Jaime Wyatt For Heartbreak Ballad “Champagne, Cocaine, Cadillacs & Cash”

Charlie Overbay
Charlie Overbey

I am here for this collaboration.

Charley Overbey brings on Marcus King and Jaime Wyatt for a new single, “Champagne, Cocaine, Cadillacs & Cash.” The cheeky heartbreak ballad is the first off the new album that Overbey announced, slated for a release later this year.

The lead-off single is a perfect indicator of the soulfulness that is in store for this album.

“So excited to finally announce the first single from my new album! ‘Champagne Cocaine Cadillacs & Cash!’ Featuring my dear friends Marcus King & Jaime Wyatt.”

Overbey had had this song in his back pocket since 2018 when he performed it on a Jam In The Van session.

“Champagne Cocaine Cadillacs & Cash” tells the tale of a woman who shows up at her lover’s place after years of not being together. When they were together, they both had some issues with substance abuse and while she says she has changed her ways, her ex-lover is not sold on the story. He sends her back on her way, wishing her well but knowing that moving on is the best thing for him.

“I’ll say a prayer for you baby
But I’ve got to go 
I moved on a long time ago…”

The upbeat song will instantly be stuck in your head, with the harmonious chorus featuring King’s and Wyatt’s vocals, making for a dynamic song. King takes the higher lead, which is a new sound that we aren’t used to hearing, while Wyatt sings a more baritone note, but all together, they sound incredible.

The song is a classic tune of knowing when to hold them and knowing when to fold them as Kenny Rogers best details on “The Gambler,” and Overbey is confident with his choice to fold them.

Turn this one all the way up.

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