Small Bobcat Drags Off Goose That’s Bigger Than Him

bobcat snags goose

Sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach and it still somehow works out.

This juvenile bobcat is here to prove that. Wild cats that are this size generally go for smaller prey like squirrels and rabbits. Rarely do they ever see something that’s bigger than they are and say to themselves:

“I think I’m gonna take that down, that way I can struggle to drag it off.”

The bobcat might not have thought that far ahead before it launched an attack, and might I add it was a rather successful venture. We don’t know exactly how it went down, though we can assume that the bobcat used its quick reflexes to sneak up and take down the goose.

When the video picks up, the wild cat is already dragging the big ol’ bird off to a place where it can chow down. That’s obviously easier said than done as viewers of the footage can easily see that the goose likely weighs more than the young bobcat does.

But with the goose’s neck firmly planted in its jaw, the bobcat stuck to it and slowly managed to drag the goose across the street and over a curb on its way to wherever its dinner reservation was that night.

It must be BYOG (Bring Your Own Goose):

I don’t know if bobcats meal prep, but if they do, this one is going to be set for quite some time. That’s more goose than it can probably handle, and it’s without a doubt the biggest feast it has had in its young life.

Those in the comments were mesmerized by the small wild cat’s strength, though they mostly just made a lot of jokes:

“These Aflac commercials are getting dark.”

“Buddy has a meal for a few weeks there.”

“I feel zero sympathy for that bird. Geese are straight up evil.”

“Ahh, nothing like bloody, sanded-tummy duck.”

“Talk to me Goose.”

Love the reference, but that Goose isn’t talking anytime soon.

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