Michael Douglas Says His Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones Makes Him “Whip It Out” On The Golf Course If He Doesn’t Drive His Ball Past The Women’s Tee Box

Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta Jones
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There’s a longstanding golf joke that if you’re a guy and don’t hit your tee shot past the women’s tee box, then you have to whip your privates out.

Of course, the majority of golfers don’t actually go through with this joke, which is probably smart considering it’s a felony for indecent exposure if somebody sees you, but it’s always funny to give your buddies hell about not hitting their tee shot outside of their shadow.

But apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones actually makes her husband, actor Michael Douglas, go through with it…

Of course, he’s not doing this when he’s out with the boys, but whenever he’s playing golf with his wife, Douglas says she makes him pay up for a bad shot.

Douglas has been married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones for the past 23 years, and according to Douglas, she makes him whip it out whenever he hits a terrible tee shot that doesn’t get past the women’s tee box.

The 79-year-old told The Guardian:

“The rules are… I have to whip it out if I don’t hit it past the ladies’ tees, which I manage most of the time. But there have been times when we’re playing alone, and have to give her a little show because we are competitive.”

He also assured that it was STRICTLY with his wife:

“But only when I play with my wife.”

Luckily for Douglas, he’s a pretty decent golfer, so he probably doesn’t have to do this too often.

Regardless, it’s still a pretty funny story.

She confirmed their little wager on an episode of The Graham Norton Show a few years back:

“I can kick his ass in golf… if he duffs a shot and can’t get his ball over the ladies tee he has to take his pants off, expose himself in some way… but it’s not just my husband, it’s any man I play.

There has been an issue with paparazzi but I made him go into the bushes to drop his pants… a deal is a deal.”

Keeping things spicy, eh?

Alligator Bites Off Fisherman’s Hand At Florida Golf Course

You’ve got to keep your head on a swivel in the state of Florida.

Danger seems to lurk around every corner in the “Sunshine State.” Every headline that you see, especially the “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman” ones, always deliver with some of the wildest things that would be unimaginable in any other state.

But with pythons slithering around and alligators always lurking, America’s version of Australia is usually home to some breathtaking (or in this case hand-taking) stories.

A fisherman casting a few lines in a golf course pond near Leesburg, Florida, ended up being the victim of a dangerous attack when a 9-foot alligator lunged out of the water. From the description of the incident, he’s lucky he just lost his hand and didn’t lose his life.

One eyewitness described the attack as a quick pounce out of the water by the gator, which stunned the man and caused him to fall on the ground. It was while he was trying to get back up that the aggressive reptile chomped down on his hand and proceeded to roll its body. The signature “death roll” is a maneuver that alligators use to tear apart their prey while simultaneously holding it underwater.

911 calls came pouring in to the local police, with homeowners that witnessed the attack, as well as golfers that were on the course, calling for authorities to send help as quickly as possible.

The gator reportedly retreated back into the water after it snapped down and removed the man’s hand. Thanks to the swift calls from eye witnesses, first responders were able to get to the scene to help the gator attack victim within minutes.

With the significance of the fisherman’s injury, he was soon after airlifted to a nearby hospital in Orlando, and his condition is currently unknown at the time. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission promptly identified the male alligator, trapped it, and removed it from the pond for safety of others in the area.

What a nightmare situation… but whether you’re golfing or fishing, or just going for a walk, make sure to stay out there when you’re near the water’s edge. You never know what could be lurking just below the surface.

‘Happy Gilmore 2’ Is Reportedly In The Works

If you’ve asked your golf ball if it’s too good for its home, spent more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff, or taken a running start before hitting your drive, you just might be a Happy Gilmore fan. Salty critics can stick it where the sun don’t shine, because the 1996 film is a classic that still holds up to this day. Perhaps that’s why demand for a long-awaited sequel has persisted, and thanks to Shooter McGavin star Christopher McDonald, we finally have a substantial update on a second movie.

As reported by Variety, according to a recent interview McDonald gave, he’s seen a draft of the script for Happy Gilmore 2 from Happy himself, Adam Sandler.

That’s right. The silver screen legend who can hit a drive 400 yards and makes holes-in-one on par 4s seems destined to make a long-awaited comeback.

McDonald has embraced his “Shooter” persona and seems so at peace with that being his most iconic role. It’s the perfect intersection of actor and character. Even though Happy Gilmore is a comedy, McDonald’s Shooter makes for one of the best pound-for-pound villains in cinematic history in my humble opinion. The fact that he’s so menacing and hilarious at the same time is an almost impossible combination to pull off.

A big win to come from Happy Gilmore that continues to pay dividends is the Shooter McGavin X/Twitter account. Never disappoints, even during something like Kentucky’s latest March Madness collapse.

The big question is, what is a worthy story after all this time? Having just covered the teaser trailer for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice yesterday, there’s always the danger of nostalgia blinding even the most capable creative talents in Hollywood from questing forth on an ill-fated sequel. Happy Gilmore released at the peak of Sandler’s powers as a bankable box office star. Nowadays, he still makes his comedies with all his pals, but every now and then, he’ll veer off into more dramatic territory, like with the Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems or Netflix’s recent feature, Spaceman.

While I don’t think Happy Gilmore 2 would be some self-serious antihero type of story, Sandler being so much older adds a fascinating new layer to the mix. Happy can’t be a full-on man-child anymore. Then you have Shooter, who could play up that menace-hilarity blend with a kind of monomaniacal quest for vengeance upon the man who stole his Tour Championship gold jacket.

Whatever the case may be as far as plot is concerned, I’m cautiously optimistic that Happy Gilmore 2 would be a great idea. If Sandler already has a lengthy script penned, there must’ve been some sort of compelling hook that drove him to finish it. That is exciting to ponder in and of itself.


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