“I’ve Seen It All Now” – Man Is Stunned Watching Deer Eat A Rabbit Alive

Deer eating a rabbit
Nature is Metal

We’ve all thought we’ve had some pretty bad days at some points in our lives, but the next time things feel like they’re going south for you, at least you’re not this poor rabbit. Or any rabbit for that matter…

Feel better? Nah… anyways…

A video has gone viral of a Red deer in New Zealand, eating a whole rabbit… alive. Considering a deer’s diet mainly consists of plants, you wouldn’t think in a million years that the creature had the nerve to consume a a small mammal like a rabbit… but think again, because this video says otherwise.

In the post uploaded to the Nature Is Metal Instagram page, the caption explains that deer will take an opportunity to eat small creatures like this one at times, if given the chance:

Red deer (as they are called in New Zealand) are ruminants, herbivorous mammals that acquire the vast majority of their nutrients from plants and grasses that they chew, swallow, regurgitate and chew again.

Being so adapted to consuming plant matter, you would think that these animals would lack the digestive enzymes required to break down flesh, but this is simply not true.

Yes, the overwhelming majority of their nutrients are derived from the consumption of plant matter, but it is quite difficult to overstate the value of animal protein in the natural world… given the opportunity/ease of access, there’s always room for Jello.”

So yeah, deer can, and on occasion, do, eat meat, but their bodies are primarily built for plants.

Their teeth aren’t sharp, their jaws aren’t strong, but when plant food sources are scarce, especially in the winter, they can be found snacking on meat to fulfill their nutritional requirements. This doe is behind a fence (with more deer), however so one might imagine that they are domesticated deer, being raised for human consumption. Perhaps being confined to the pen has not allowed for proper nutrition, but it’s impossible to tell.

It’s a pretty wild scene to say the least, but it’s just another example of the brutality of nature, even from some of the most innocent of creatures.

Check it out:

Deer Stomps The Life Out Of Hawk

Some times this stuff just doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean, a deer helping a rabbit get away from a hawk sounds like the plot of a Disney movie, really. But, what doesn’t necessarily make sense usually makes for something cool. I mean, if it’s not common, it is more intriguing.

For this rabbit in Wisconsin, that was the case.

“Kris Miller was trimming trees around Nordic Mountain country park, Wisconsin, USA, earlier this month when he spotted a red tailed hawk dead on the ground. After checking CCTV from June 11, the 29-year-old operations manager was ‘astonished’ when he saw the bird of prey swoop down on an unsuspecting rabbit below.”

A hawk is seen coming down out of a tree and hitting the ground pretty hard. This is how hawks hunt. This type of area, open grass next to woods is their bread and butter, as it holds lots of opportunity for prey to come out into the open while hawks spot them secretly from above.

As the hawk is wrestling whatever it has got ahold of a deer comes out of nowhere and just starts stomping the absolute mess out of the hawk. A rabbit breaks free of the grip and makes for high ground with better cover. And the hawk? Well, it takes the worst beating of its life.

As the poor chap tries to fly away, the deer just doesn’t let it. Rather, it uses both sets of legs to stomp the actual life out of the bird. A stone cold killer… the circle of life.

Rare White Moose Attacks Robo-Mower

That’s a title that doesn’t even sound real. I mean, what are the odds of seeing a white moose?

They odds are slim, just like this guy who searched for three-years to get footage of a white moose. This video is also from Europe where there is said to be 400,000 moose, and only an estimated 100 are white moose.

Then add on top of that the fact it’s in someone’s yard stomping a lawnmower, a robot lawnmower.

Like, what a scene…

It starts with a video of a young bull white moose in somebody’s yard and you really don’t notice the robot lawnmower going until the moose turns towards it. The moose walks right up to the lawnmower and gives it a hardcore stare down. They are a curious animal by nature, but it really doesn’t look like it enjoys this lawnmower at all. All at once the moose pulls back gives the lawnmower a good stomp right on target.

The moose continues to stare it down after that as it keep on mowing and decides it did enough before it starts to have a snack on the tree. It doesn’t attack it again but continues to give the lawnmower dirty looks. Although the mower seemed to keep going the large animal actually broke it.

“This albino moose was happily chomping on some leaves from a tree when it got startled by an approaching lawnmower robot. It looked a little surprised and hit the lawnmower with its hooves thereby breaking it”

That is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If anyone else has a video of a white moose stomping a robot lawnmower I might think it’s fake. It’s just the type of thing that won’t happen anytime soon.

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