Kevin Costner Is Reportedly Trying To Return For Yellowstone Series Finale

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Could John Dutton be back? Maybe…

By now, most Yellowstone fans are well aware that Kevin Costner (who plays the Dutton family patriarch John Dutton) will not be featured in the second half of Season 5, the final installment of the Taylor Sheridan flagship series.

Scheduling conflicts, delays, creative differences, and perhaps some unchecked egos have ultimately led to Costner and Sheridan parting ways, and it’s been reported that the conclusion of the show has already been written without Costner in it. Costner wanted more money to come back for more filming, Sheridan told him to kick rocks, the show is ending and here we are.

Now, Costner has a “moral death clause” in his contract, which means Sheridan can’t kill him off in an embarrassing way. And Sheridan has even confessed that he would never sacrifice the integrity of his story for a middle finger to someone he didn’t like. Sheridan has also wished Costner success in his own Western film Horizon, which kind of looks a lot like Sheridan’s own Yellowstone prequel 1883.

Nevertheless, with scripts done, filming set to gear up soon, and Season 5 Part II set to premiere in November, Puck reports that Costner might try and appear in the finale, at least in some kind of cameo role.

According to Screen Rant, Costner wants back in:

“Now, Puck reports that Costner now wants to come back for Yellowstone season 5 part 2, hoping to return as John for at least a cameo in the final season. However, filming is set to start in a few weeks while scripts for the last batch of episodes have already been finalized.

The report indicates it’s unclear if Sheridan would be willing to alter his scripts to give the actor one last appearance om the show.”

Only time will tell if Costner makes it into the finale, and I have to say, I hope that he does. This show has been pretty great, and while I don’t think it ended the way fans hoped (or Sheridan even hoped), let’s try and give it a proper send off, eh?

Stay tuned…

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