Kevin Costner’s Son To Make Acting Debut In “Horizon: An American Saga”

Kevin Costner son
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Looks like Horizon: An American Saga will be somewhat of a family film.

At least from the aspect of casting, since it has now been confirmed that Kevin Costner cast one of his children in a critical role of the two-part theatrical event.

Yesterday, Costner’s passion project (which likely logistically brought his role on Yellowstone to an end) finally dropped the film’s first trailer, and it looks like a western film fan’s dream.

To be honest, the two-part story just looks like Yellowstone set in a different time period, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just imagine Kevin Costner’s John Dutton character paired with the movie’s synopsis and you are sure to get pumped up for the film:

“Horizon: An American Saga explores the lure of the Old West and how it was won – and lost – through the blood, sweat and tears of many.

Spanning the four years of the Civil War, from 1861 to 1865, Costner’s ambitious cinematic adventure will take audiences on an emotional journey across a country at war with itself, experienced through the lens of families, friends and foes all attempting to discover what it truly means to be the United States of America.”

The movie hits theaters this summer on June 28, with the second part following a couple months later on August 16. If Yellowstone fans get over the spite they feel for the project, I think Horizon has the chance to be a huge summer blockbuster.

It will also act as Kevin Costner’s son Hayes acting debut. Hayes, who is the 15-year-old son of Costner and his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner, plays the younger version of the character his father plays in the film.

The Field of Dreams actor told People that choosing to cast his son in the role was as intentional as it gets:

“I kind of did it on purpose, so he could be hanging out with me. And the same thing for Cayden, same thing for Grace. I’m like any other parent. I’m trying to figure out, like, ‘This is really neat. You should come be with me.'”

Some might call it “father-son bonding,” while others would classify it as “nepotism.” Either way, we’re going to get to see two generations of Costners when Horizon: An American Saga officially hits the big screen.

You can check out the first trailer for Kevin Costner’s Horizon in the video below:

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