Muscadine Bloodline Drops Two New Heaters, “Mary Riley” & “Earle Byrd From Mexia”

Muscadine Bloodline
Muscadine Bloodline

The Alabama boys are heatin’ up.

This week, we got not one but two singles from Muscadine Bloodline. We also got news via social media that they have officially finished recording their next record. HOT DANG, that is some good news this Friday.

The storyline flows between the two songs, “Mary Riley” and “Earle Byrd From Mexia,” and we are introduced to two characters with very different stories. We are first introduced to “Mary Riley,” who comes from wealth and possesses class. However, her parents have a fit when she brings home a boy who does not stand up to the “country club” kind of man her parents would have wanted her with.

“Mary Riley’s daddy was a millionaire
Can’t have his daughter with the likes of mine
What he thinks about it’s neither here nor there
He can go and stick It where the sun don’t shine…”

The upbeat melody is pure honky tonk and you’ll quickly find yourself singing the catchy chorus.

The second character we are introduced to is “Earle Byrd From Mexia,” who is less than upstanding. The man comes from a rougher cloth than “Mary Riley” as he lives in the backwoods. The frail old man is defined as an outlaw who likes to make moonshine. You can only imagine that hearing this song, Earle is a grey-haired man who sits in a rocking chair on his front porch and talks in broken Southern shorthand.

The gritty melodies fit the storyline perfectly, and once again, the Muscadine Bloodline boys laid down a straight heater with this one.

“For cooking up good homemade corn liquor
The kind that make a man go blind
Kind that make a poor man richer
When the folks vote the county dry
Kind that’ll get ya there quicker
Put some slack back in ya jaw
I’m talkin’ that good homemade corn liquor Earl
Byrd been brewin’ since the crack of dawn…”

In addition to these two singles, the Alabama boys noted that they have officially wrapped up the recording of their next record.

“We wrapped up recording our next album, we got two new songs coming at midnight, and we are playing a SOLD OUT show at the Mother Church of country music on Saturday. It doesn’t feel real.

PS…This album we got coming is, bar none, our best work. Keep sleeping on the little indie band from Mobile, AL.”

While it’s wild to think that nearly a decade ago, people were calling their sound ‘indie,’ it’s got to be gratifying to see their dreams come true in front of their eyes as their fans back them entirely and they play venues some only dream of.

Big things are on the horizon for Muscadine Bloodline.

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