Sierra Ferrell & Nikki Lane Put A Folk Spin On The Brooks & Dunn Classic “Neon Moon”

Sierra Ferrell Nikki Lane
Music City Maven

Just in time for Whiskey Riff Madness.

Sierra Ferrell pulled out Nikki Lane on stage to cover an all-time country classic from the legendary duo Brooks & Dunn. Last night, during the first night of Sierra’s back-to-back headlining show at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, she used a lot of new material from her new album Trail of Flowers, which will be out everywhere tomorrow (3/21).

If you are not new here, you know that Ferrell loves to pull out covers during her shows and just in general. And hot dang does she know how to cover a song. In a similar light to what Lainey Wilson told Kelly Clarkson, “(she) sing everybody’s songs better than they sing ‘em.”

I am not going to lie; I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this was a covered song during the show. As Ferrell beats to her own drum, she typically covers older country classic tracks like Gram Parsons’ “She” or songs not even in her genre, such as The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down.” A Brooks & Dunn cover was not on my bingo card because it feels a little too typical of a cover to add to the setlist, but after hearing her take, I am SOLD.

Nikki Lane was featured on the background vocals of “Dollar Bill Bar,” so fans know that their voices mesh together. Hearing them sing in unison on stage is more magical than I could have imagined. While they kept the composition of the original track, which was recorded in 1991, Lane and Ferrell’s whimsical vocals give the track a folky Appalachian feel.

“To watch your broken dreams
Dance in and out of the beams
Of a neon moon…”

Once again, Sierra Ferrell proves that her vocals can sing nearly anything. She is truly an unreal talent of this generation, and it’s amazing that we have witnessed her being a “niche” country artist and flying into the star she is now.

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