Watch Sierra Ferrell Deliver A Breathtaking Cover Of Gram Parsons’ “She”

Sierra Ferrell country music
Chris Willman

Sierra Ferrell is a talent unlike others. From her incredible vocal range, unique songwriting style, and fashions, Ferrell is my “it” girl of country music at the moment.

While my itch for new music from Ferrell was slightly scratched with the release of “Fox Hunt,” whenever I stumble upon cover videos like this, my thirst for new music is back. A few weeks ago, Ferrell attended an event at the Grammy Museum and performed at the event.

She took it back to 1973 and laid down a breathtaking cover of Gram Parson’s “She.” Gram Parsons, a former member of the Flying Burrito Brothers (who were a player in the Bakersfield sound), released the song on his one and only debut solo album, GP. 

“She” is one of those tracks that sticks with you from the first time you hear it. The song is mysterious and has no true story but talks about how “she” keeps ahold of the narrator’s mind and that “he” knew he was the one for her. All the aspects of this girl capture the narrator through her looks, her stride, her voice, and her silhouettes.

“She, she came from the land of the cottonA land that was nearly forgotten by everyoneShe, she worked and she slaved so hardBig old field was her backyard in the delta sun…”

Through all of these little details that “he” noticed, he was left devastated as she had to leave one day, and he prayed that one day she would come back to him and they could stroll on their old stomping grounds again.

“They used to walk singing songs by the riverEven when she knew for sure, she’d have to go awayShe never knew what her life was to give herAnd never had to worry about it for one single day…”

Sierra singing this song, I must admit, might be just as good as Parson’s original studio cut. Ferrell lays down a flawless version of the track in her custom Nudie suit. With her soulful vocals, she lets her vocal range shine. The room is silent, taking in each word that leaves her mouth.

I’ve always thought Ferrell’s voice sounded like it came from another decade, and this song feels like it was made for her. From Appalachian folk, to covering The Beatles, to embodying the Bakersfield sound, there isn’t a style that Ferrell doesn’t do well.


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