Packers RB AJ Dillon Brings Out The Cheesehead For Zach Bryan “Revival” Encore In Milwaukee

Zach Bryan AJ Dillon country music

Looks like AJ Dillon is pretty dang happy in Wisconsin.

Just last Friday, the bruising Green Bay Packers running back signed a one year contract to stay with the team despite the signing of Josh Jacobs in free agency. While he’s used to sharing duties after playing with Aaron Jones for the past few years, it was an open question of how wanted Dillon felt.

Well, if an appearance at a country concert can show anything about his mental state, the guy looks to be thriving.

Zach Bryan played at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee last night to a nearly sold out crowd of over 20,000 people and as he tends to do, brought out some hometown heroes to join him for the now iconic encore performance of “Revival”.

AJ Dillon strode out onto the stage with a cheesehead in hand and the crowd went crazy as he belted out the ending lines of the chorus that we all love to scream.

“Baptize me in a bottle of Beam, put Johnny on the vinyl.”

Judging by the yells of the crowd, Wisconsin loves number 28.

There were more than a few people online who loved the appearance as well as the fanbase shows appreciation for the team friendly deal he signed to stay with the organization that drafted him out of Boston College in 2020.

The NFL world is never truly that stable, but man it sure seems that AJ Dillon and the Green Bay Packers are a fit for life.

Let’s crank up my personal favorite and perennially underrated Zach Bryan song on this beautiful Thursday.

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A beer bottle on a dock