Dallas Stars Blasted For Sharing Picture Of A Dead Fox (Huh?) After Beating The Arizona Coyotes

Dallas Stars
Dallas Stars

Swing and a miss.

As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time on the internet and social media, probably to the detriment of my own health (it’s fine… I’m fine), I love me a good old fashioned social media faux pas from a big brand. There’s just nothing better than a rogue social media manager trying to be edgy or “cool,” and falling flat on their face.

Exhibit A: The Dallas Stars.

The Dallas Stars (good hockey team) took on the Arizona Coyotes (bad hockey team) at home last night night, and on their way to a 5-2 victory over the perennial Western Conference bottom-dwellers, Matt Duchene maybe delivered one of the prettiest passes of the season:

Just nasty…

And look, the Stars are one of the best teams in the West, they should win this game. And they did. So to dance on the grave of the Coyotes with a photo of a dead coyote fox (?) is just kinda…. weird?

Following the win last night, the Stars’ X account (formally known as Twitter) shared this photo of a dead fox with the caption “Road Killed,” and while I know what roadkill is, I have no idea what this caption is supposed to mean. You killed the road? It was home game so there’s no “we won on the road” element here, and… THAT’S A FOX!?

And before the “you’re soft!” or “everyone is too sensitive” accusations come flying in, I don’t care about the dead animal… you just look stupid. You failed to execute a half-baked idea. Don’t delete it because people are mad about the dead animal, don’t bend the knee to those dorks from PETA… delete it because you ****** it up like an idiot.

Dallas Stars picture

Howler, the Coyotes’ mascot responded, as well as a number of Stars fans who were genuinely confused, and probably a bit embarrassed, by the move:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock