Man Spotted Stumbling Around Town With A Sturgeon Over His Shoulders

homeless man sturgeon

What in the Florida man is going on here? I’ve got questions, so many questions…

First of all, where did this man acquire the sturgeon?

Secondly, what is his plan with it? Because whatever value he thinks it has is worthless as the thing looks half rotten. Can you imagine the smell? Maybe its his version of a workout? I mean it is a fair-sized fish.

Sturgeon are a loved fish species by many, often referred to as being from a different time period. Their looks are prehistoric, and they tend to get huge in many areas.

They are loved by sport fishermen looking for a big catch, and people love to eat their eggs, making them a huge commodity in the food industry. This man was spotted wandering the streets with this great big one just laying across his shoulders.

Depending on the type and location, sturgeon are very protected and this man could incur some serious fines for a stunt like this. Although, something tells me that is the least of his worries.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock