Zach Bryan Brings Fans Onstage To Perform “Heading South” & They Were So Bad That He Had To Redo It

Zach Bryan

Don’t quit your day jobs.

Zach Bryan is hitting the road on his Quittin’ Time tour, and we’ve already seen him discover some talent in the crowd, like this fan that he brought on stage to perform “Heading South” in Newark that absolutely crushed it.

@zachbryanarchive Zach Bryan invited a fan on stage to perform ‘Heading South’ Friday night in Newark, New Jersey, and he KILLED it. #ZachBryan ♬ original sound – Zach Bryan Archive

But not everybody can pull it off – and these fans in Toronto proved that.

It looks like the guy singing has to read the lyrics off of his phone, which is already a bad sign. I get it, you’re under the lights and in front of a massive crowd so the nerves kick in, but it’s your moment. You’ve gotta nail that shit.

Now, I’ll give him some credit. Despite being shaky on the lyrics, and being out of time with the music, he was confident throughout the performance. He even worked the entire stage, moving around to all of the microphones to sing to all sides of Scotiabank Arena. Just incredible energy. If you’re not good, you gotta at least be entertaining.

And the guy on the guitar wasn’t much better either. The whole band looked like they were struggling to keep up with…well, whatever he was doing.

It was rough.

@hannah.moore11 Respectfully, the two dudes should have stayed in their seats 🤢 #zachbryan #fyp ♬ original sound – Hannah

In fact it was so rough that Zach actually did the song again after the guys got off stage, which was probably a good move. Lot of fans there, and that’s one of your most popular songs, so they probably wanted to hear the real version and not this karaoke version from some drunk dudes in the crowd.

I’ll give them credit though, they gave it their best shot.

@charliebulmerr Heading horrible #zachbryan ♬ original sound – Charlie Bulmer

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