Zach Bryan Invites Fan On Stage To Perform “Heading South” And He Crushed It

Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan Archive

Kid’s played this one a time or two.

Of course Zach Bryan got his own start in music while in the US Navy, just recording videos of himself playing guitar and singing on his truck bed. And one of those first songs that really started to get Zach noticed was “Heading South.”

It’s been less than 5 years since that video of “Heading South” first went viral, which is pretty crazy to think about, because it helped rocket Zach to superstardom once people started digging into his music. In less than five years, he’s gone from singing on his truck bed during breaks while in the Navy to headlining arenas and selling out his latest massive tour.

And on Friday night, he brought his Quittin’ Time tour to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, where he enlisted a little help on his first viral hit.

Zach invited a fan from the crowd onstage to perform “Heading South,” but not without a warning:

“You think you can do it? We’ll give you a chance man, but if we kick you off stage you can’t be upset, ok?”

No pressure.

Well the fan’s name was Tomas Moreland, and as soon as he got his guitar strapped on he launched into the hit song – and spoiler alert, there was no reason to kick him off stage.

Zach smiled and nodded as Tomas showed off his guitar skills on the intro, and even invited the young fan to take the mic later in the song.

Tomas absolutely crushed it, much to the approval of the sold-out crowd. And before he walked off stage, Zach swapped guitars with Tomas and told the fan that the guitar was his now.

Not a bad souvenir from your first time on stage.

@zachbryanarchive Zach Bryan invited a fan on stage to perform ‘Heading South’ Friday night in Newark, New Jersey, and he KILLED it. #ZachBryan ♬ original sound – Zach Bryan Archive

And the video that started it all for Zach:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock