Bald Eagle Attacks Canada Goose Seven Times Before Snatching It Up On The Eighth

Bald Eagle snags a goose in California

Score another win for the Red, White, and Blue.

Recently a number of impressive bald eagle videos have made their way to my eyes and I’m not in the slightest upset about it. For one, try and tell me an eagle soaring over water isn’t one of the most majestic sights you’ll ever see.

Rumor has it if you listen closely, you can hear this Florida man shredding the National Anthem in the background when one launches out of a tree and glides across the surface.

There’s also no denying their incredible hunting prowess, known to take out house catsdeer, and even battle coyotes for food.

They have no shame in taking out fellow birds as well, as shown in this wild video from Grant Lake in Santa Clara County, California.

We see a young eagle has singled out a lone Canada goose swimming in the middle of the lake and begins taking some swoops down at it. He was unsuccessful quite a few times, 7 in fact, but put on a great display of tenacity in always taking another chance at the meal.

Well, on the 8th try he was able to grab ahold of the poor goose, ripping him out of the water and flying him away for a well-earned meal.

Truly impressive work by the eagle, that’s some serious flight strength to carry a fighting goose in your talons…

Man, it’s great to be an American.

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A beer bottle on a dock