Most Florida Man Of All-Time Shredded The National Anthem Before The Jaguars Sealed Playoff Birth

Jaguars national anthem

Woah, woah, woah, how did I miss this one?

Football fans across the country we’re absolutely astonished last weekend when the Jaguars rallied from a 27-0 deficit to defeat the Los Angeles Chargers, the 4th largest playoff comeback of all-time. Trevor Lawrence overcame 4 first half interceptions to lead the charge, and then celebrated at the best place on planet earth, a Jacksonville Waffle House.

What made the win even more shocking is the Jaguars barely made the playoffs in the first place, having to defeat division rival Tennessee Titans in the final week of the season to clinch their spot.

So how did a team that went 3-14 just a season ago turn things around so quickly?

Was it the firing the train wreak of a coach that Urban Myer was? Hiring Super Bowl winning coach Doug Peterson? Making a risky first overall pick last season?

While I’m sure all of those played a part, I firmly believe I just discovered the true power carrying this Jacksonville Jaguars team.

Paul Wane.

If you haven’t heard the name before, let me introduce you.

Paul has a local band called Duval County Line (classic) which is based out of Hawthorne, FL and plays a mix of “southern & Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Funk, & everything in between”.

He is also very active in a foundation titled Guitars 4 Kidswhose mission is to “provide every individual who has a desire to create music quality instruments to inspire creativity and build unity across generations”.

The foundation has so far gifted over 200 instruments and each recipient then becomes a “Rising Star For Life!!!”, which allows them to participate in partnerships with local music schools so they can continue to learn their craft for years to come.

One of those recipients has a dad who works at the Jaguars stadium, and was so happy with what his son received that he started talking to some people and was eventually able to secure a spot for Paul to play the National Anthem before the most important game in recent Jaguars history.

And he absolutely rocked out.

Dressed as only a Florida man with a band would, he lit the stings and house on fire, ripping up the fretboard on his American flag guitar and giving us one of the best guitar renditions of the anthem of all-time.

After hearing and seeing that, it’s no wonder the Jags beat the Titans and then gave us one of the best comebacks ever. How could you not?

If you’re interested in checking out or supporting Guitars 4 Kids, here is a link to their website.

Keep shredding, Paul.

They followed it up with the Tedeschi Trucks Band:

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A beer bottle on a dock