Kayak Fisherman Beats Alligator With An Oar To Protect His Catch

Kayaker fights an alligator
Viral Hog

Any luck?

Having lived in Florida for 4 years, I understand how nerve-racking it can be to fish around alligators. Sure, for the most part they leave you alone, but every now and again they hear you reeling in a decent one and decide to take a closer look.

Sometimes they even straight up steal your fish, like this kid found out the hard way.

And while kayak fishing in Florida comes with some complications compared to the rest of the United States, kayak fishing in Brazil is next level.

A fisherman from Brazil was fishing near Bananal Island in Tocantins when he hooked up with a pretty good sized fish (hard to tell the species) when a nearby alligator took note of a seemingly free meal suspended on the water’s surface.

When the man sees the ominous snout and eyes, he naturally freaks out a bit, grabs his oar, and starts whacking the intruding reptile on the head. A bold strategy for sure, given it could easily rip the guy down into the murky depths of despair, but hey, gotta do what you can to protect the catch.

Fortunately, the gator swims off to find a meal he doesn’t have to fight for and the fisherman and his friend (who was laughing hysterically the entire time) get to go home with a fish and a great story.

The fisherman confesses that he was pretty scared in the moment:

“I was on a kayak fishing trip on the Caracol River. I was taken by surprise by the appearance of the alligator who wanted to steal the fish I had just caught.

The scare was great and the video says it all. There was a friend with me, called Hector (nicknamed Tota, as in the video).”

Let this be a good lesson to anyone fishing around these monsters, always keep your head on a swivel.

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