Giants QB Daniel Jones Hits The Stage With Zach Bryan For Some Guest Vocals On “Revival”

Zach Bryan Daniel Jones

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is a known country music fan, and despite Zach Bryan’s allegiance to the rival Philadelphia Eagles, Jones has no qualms about joining Bryan on stage. He did it last year in Queens, and did so again at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Check out the fun footage of Jones taking over the mic on Bryan’s number “Revival.”

As the linked story in the lede indicates (authored by my guy Quinn Eaton), Bryan famously teased Jones the last time around with a “GO BIRDS!” battle cry. It seems like any tension brought about by that dig has been ironed out. There’s also the very real possibility that Jones isn’t the Giants’ QB anymore once the 2024 season ends. They may even draft his replacement at No. 6 overall in late April.

Oh well. At least Jones seems to be in good spirits and living it up in and around the greater New York City area while he still can. It’s also a good sign that Jones is mobile and comfortable enough to do something like this on stage in an environment that’s not 100% in his control. The 26-year-old former first-round pick tore his ACL during the 2023 campaign, so you love to see him up and about as an assumed sign that his recovery is going great.

The only slight bummer here is that we don’t get to hear Jones flex his pipes. It’s understandably a little loud at the venue for all the fans Bryan drew, so Jones’ vox are drowned out for the most part by the pandemonium.

Danny Dimes was also spotted in Las Vegas more recently rocking out to another iconic country jam. Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa grabbed his guitar joined Darius Rucker for a rendition of “Wagon Wheel” just before the Super Bowl, with Jones vibing out in the audience and having himself a whale of a time.

There’s something kinda goofy and wholesome about Daniel Jones, which only strengthens the comparisons between him and Eli Manning. I feel like the Giants organization has largely failed Jones to this point in his career. Lots of coaching turnover, not much help on the offensive line, and very few, viable offensive weapons outside of Saquon Barkley.

No matter what Danny Dimes’ NFL future holds, though, it’s nice that he can put the Giants-Eagles rivalry aside — unlike Tiki Barber when it comes to Saquon! — and coexist with Zach Bryan to the point where football fandom doesn’t conflict with friendship. You gotta love how music and the arts in general can bring people together. Below you can find the full live version of “Revival.”

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