Bear Walks By Trail Camera With Big Ol’ Salmon Hanging Out Of Its Mouth

black bear with salmon

Some parts of the life cycle are more fun than others.

One could argue that this bear is having a wonderful time as it carries off a salmon to tear into for dinner. Then on the other hand, the fish is probably having the worst day of its life as it rests in the jaws of the bruin. Yet they are both experiencing and living in the same moment.

There’s no question that you’d rather be the bear in this situation as it waddles past the trail camera with the large salmon in tow. Bears will eat just about anything, though they might not have a snack that they favor more than salmon. The large animals will often spend hours fishing, and are normally successful in their endeavors. Some bruins have been known to catch and eat over 30 salmon in one day.

The bear in this clip must have gone on a late night fishing expedition, and with their sufficient night vision and natural instincts detecting movement, the salmon probably never knew what hit it. That is until it was lifted out of the water and carried off… it’s pretty clear in the footage that the fish knows things are not looking good as it is toted away from its natural habitat.

There’s good news and bad news for the salmon. The good news is that it likely didn’t have to endure for much longer after this trail camera footage was captured. The bad news? Well, the fish was probably put out of its misery by the bear as it dug into it for dinner.

It’s easy to feel bad for the salmon, so just remember that it played an intricate role in nature before it ultimately fell victim to this bear. The caption for the video suggests that it might have been scooped up before it could finish its reproductive cycle, but at the very least, it was able to contribute nutrients to the apex predator bear.

Though maybe the bear could have expedited the process rather than carry the fish out of the water to wherever it was going while the salmon was still alive. Just a thought…

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